Game Studies Utopia

Game studies is a very special research field with a veritable abundance of perspectives and outsets. Personally, I think that the wide variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives on games is a fantastic opportunity to create a truly multidisciplinary research field where we can all learn from each other and respect the validity of many different kinds of studies. I hope game studies will continue to be a curious research community producing all kinds of interesting knowledge about games and fruitful discussions on how to do scientific work in general.

I have just returned from the nice and interesting one-day conference “Under The Mask: Perspectives On The Gamer” at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, UK. Again, many interesting studies from many perspectives, reflecting good work. The papers from the conference can be found here, including my own modest contribution.

Next week, I am off to a PhD seminar arranged by the newly established Nordic Game Research Network (NGRN) and hosted by Aalborg University. I have just been reading through the different position papers sent in, and I am once again impressed by the high quality and wise academic reflections that are displayed. We are a diverse group of people, coming from both humanistic, social science and natural science/engineering backgrounds, and I am looking forward to a good learning experience at the seminar.


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