Busy little cyborg

It’s not a good sign that my posting here is already infrequent… but I have been quite busy lately, writing my paper for the AoIR conference in October. The paper is entitled “Narrative and Ideological Constructions in Online Games” and deals with – yes, well, as the title says – the ideological constructions resulting from the dynamic, interactive process of narration and representation in online games, particularly World of Warcraft. You can see the abstract here. I am also toying with the idea of using the cyborg “myth” as presented by Donna Haraway in her famous “A Cyborg Manifesto” to conceptualize the dynamics of the complex of player, game and gender identity. It seems to me that the image of the cyborg might provide a nice metaphor for the way that gaming is also a play with identities (e.g. gender) and a dissolution of boundaries between corporeal and cyber. Any comments or ideas about this are very welcome!

Also, I have been preparing my presentation for the CEPE 2007 conference next week in San Diego. Next week! Gasp! My paper, “Gender Values in Simulation Games: Sex and The Sims” (yes, it’s a very witty pun), can be downloaded here.


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